Value communication creates value:

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B’IMPRESS strengthens and advises entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and their companies on the implementation of their corporate strategy , marketing communication or on issues of succession and leadership, with consulting as well in marketing, internal and external communication or market strategy to enable companies their objectives through effective communication.

B’IMPRESS offers in-house consulting, interim management and executive coaching by analysis, concept, planning and roll-out – by impressive communication (of your customers). As a consulting boutique with media publisher and pr agency-like background B’IMPRESSis fulfilling its claim making companies valuable striving for sustainable communication through Global Full Service MarCom & PR and Interim Management tasks, and leadership consulting and executive coaching.

B’IMPRESS aims to generate value: adding value of a company by revenue in a certain market, reputation at its customers, or esteem by its employees.

To achieve these or your goals the outcome of
B’IMPRESS may be, e.g.,

  • focusing on strategic communications,
  • CSR,
  • Sustainability Communication,
  • Crisis PR,
  • global PR,
  • Social Media Marketing for sales,
  • ATL/BTL marketing efficiency through the controlling of multi-channel campaigns,
  • and cross-media publications,

with impressive results.


Our vision, the B’IMPRESS named “Value Strategy”:
Companies are sustainably valuable through communication:

„Kommunikation schafft Werte – durch Unterstützung der Leistungserstellung ebenso wie durch den Aufbau immaterieller Werte wie Reputation, Vertrauen, Marken und Organisationskultur.“ (Prof. Dr. Ansgar Zerfaß)

As Paul Watzlawick once said, “you can not not communicate.”

Therefore, entrepreneurs should deal with the communication of their company: in the market as well as in their business inside. Finally, their business is their `product’ as an entrepreneur.
The employees make a significant contribution to this; the market occurrence makes companies valuable.

“PR bakes successful companies as successful.”

Employer Branding:
You want to attract employees? The highest-paid `advertising media’ are your staff, the employees inside. As they talk about your business, you can decide who gets the best `heads’.  A `healthy’ corporate and communication culture contribute. Therefore, we see the communication within the company as the focus. Then is goes smoothly also with the Employer Branding.

Communication affects a long time after. Therefore, they should be designed in the long term: as a management tool in the company such as customer service.
So communication is always sustainable. Long-term focus means strategically aligned and tackled with great staying power.
This is what B’IMPRESS is about. We advise our clients over many years and in its corporate development. Our customers are more valuable through communication – sustainable.

About communication and enterprise value:
Companies are in various ways more valuable through communication:

  • by reputation
  • by relevance
  • brand (corporate and product brand)
  • by its value (not just publishers)
  • by linking business and communications strategy

To our value strategy read more on our blog . >>> bimpress1
Check this out regarding our references in Marketing Consulting, PR & Corporate Publishing. >>> References


Deep Linked In The Industries B’IMPRESS – focusing on B2B companies with complex products in need of explanation – shows by its strategic concepts and its analytical insight into industrial and consumer markets effective methods and tools how to communicate as a company as in person and to publish in an attractive way in their target group – press, customers, share holders, public affairs, personnel and more – as well as cross
the channels, including Social Media Marketing for corporate goals and direct sales. Its clients range from international IT, mobile, Cloud Computing, Cleantech, Healthcare or Media related companies and NGOs. See our current fields of industries with comprehensive expertise here . >>> Industries

This is a selection of the expertise B’IMPRESS is active in:

  • Strategic MarCom Consulting Services
  • To Brands And Organizations Social Media Marketing, Content & Monitoring Press Relations & Analyst Relations (PR/AR)
  • Corporate Publishing Public Affairs Consultancy (PA)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultancy
  • Crisis Communication, Change Management & Reputation Management Corporate Consulting ,
  • Entrepreneur Coaching & Startup-Help
  • Technical Documentations Agency Selection Services & Pitch Consultancy Internationalization & Expansion To New Markets

See B’IMPRESS ‘ specialized expertise in MarCom >>> See B’IMPRESS ‘ subject-matter in IT >>>

These are the services B’IMPRESS offers within its network of partners:

  • Direct Marketing Events And Incentives
  • Classic Communication & Advertisement
  • IT-Trainings & e-Learning
  • Film- & TV-Production

This expertise will be best serviced as a whole or in part embedded into an overall targeted MarCom concept.
>>>For further details, please. don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

About us
Robert Brunner (@bimpress1) and his team coach entrepreneurs, executives, managers, and their companies organizations how to communicate in person and to publish in an attractive way for their target groups – press,  customers, share holders, public affairs, personnel and more – as well as cross the channels, including Social Media for Sales and corporate goals on the implementation of their corporate “value strategy” as well as “go in” into certain markets.

Performing media publishing since roundabout twenty years – as entrepreneur, editor/journalist, publisher, marketing stakeholder – is performing marketing and communication since roundabout twenty years. He’s consultant, author, leadership coach & Business Coach / Personal Coach (ECA acc. DVNLP and INLPTA) and Trainer as well as Business Advisor & Angel.

Robert’s experience in diverse industries, including IT, Life Sciences/Pharma/HealthCare and FMCG like wholesales beverages, let him be a sought speaker to industries’ organizations and platforms.

Comprehensive Expertise & Vocational Trainings, Several management trainings in HR, project management as well as Online Marketing (SMM, SEO) Certified trainings in HR and personnel coaching, incl. ECA-NLP-Professional-Coach, NLP-Co-Master-Trainer Health oriented trainings as Balance-Sensor (BOHC)®, Coach within unternehmenswert:Mensch (uWM) of BMAS (FMLS) PR 2.0 Kongress: Viral und Referral Marketing in den Social Media (University of Augsburg: postgraduate course in Crisis & Change Management DPRG: PR Experts Workshop: Healthcare Communication Forum Verlag: Advanced course to Data Protection Commissioners DPRG: PR Experts Workshop: “Adoption of Balanced Scorecard”
PR Academy: Campaigning and Politics in Web 2.0 College of Bavarian Press (ABP): advanced course in PR strategies University of Augsburg: postgraduate business administration

Social Engagement:
Our values and principles at B’IMPRESS state our commitment to making a positive contribution to social development – not only through our business activities. Through our involvement in a few selected projects in our
neighborhood, we actively support the communities in which our partners and co-workers are located.
Our economic success also depends on the social acceptance of our activities. This applies especially in the communities and industries in which our partners or activities are located. The projects we fund or support are
as diverse as our professional fields involved. At some sites, financial support is needed to lay the foundation for sustainable development. At others, we enter into joint initiatives with partners or we enable our customers to do this on their own – in conformity with their corporate social
responsibility (CSR).

Some of our social activities:

  • Healthcare and Public Affairs Club (GPA)
  • Head of Chapter and Member of BY Country Main Board (since 2010) DPRG e.V., “The German Public Relations Association”
  • WG Healthcare Communication University of Augsburg
  • ZWW: Advisory Board Member of Healthcare Affairs CleanTech and Environmental & Cleantech Affairs Club (AKU & Energiewende)
  • Deputy Head of Chapter Communication and Information Technology Action Group (KIT) University of Augsburg: Coach & Students
  • mentor JCI Germany / Wirtschaftsjunioren Augsburg e.V.
  • former Head of PR German Alpine Association Club Augsburg
  • Communication & Sponsoring Representative Marketing Club Germany e.V. International Press Club of Munich e.V.

>>>For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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