Sustainable Communication & Cleantech
CleanTech combines the use of clean technologies with the meeting of both ecological and economic
requirements along with a sense of social responsibility. B’IMPRESS is designing communications solutions
that support CleanTech actors in bringing their concepts and cleaner production practices to a wider audience.

Renewable energies now play a bigger role than ever and, as can be seen in Germany where 20% of electricity generated comes from renewables, are here to stay. It is now generally accepted that we have to use our resources in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way in order to secure a cleaner electricity supply for the future.

Sustainable management gets the most out of our resources without exploiting them and looks at how we can best replenish the resources we tap into. Resources are not alone the materials used in production or the sources used to generate electricity, but also the employees of a company. Investing in the well-being of your workforce empowers them in their daily work and gives them the strength needed to withstand even the most challenging of situations. Only then can a company achieve maximum return on investment.

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