Healthcare PR
Today health is everyone’s business. Companies increasingly take the longview of their role in human
sustainability and the environment in which their organizations operate.

The health sector is facing major challenges. Newly developed drugs, OTX products on the one hand,
competition and cost pressures and drastic health policy regulations on the other. With product / brand
communication (RX, OTC, DtC / specialist and public), Corporate Health and Political Communication,
Social Media Healthcare, crisis communication can be successfully utilize these opportunities.

B’IMPRESS Health Practice offering includes specialties in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, health
technology, life sciences & biotech, hospitals & providers, consumer health, corporate & institutional affairs,
science communications, data visualization, crisis & issues management, public health & social marketing,
health alliances, professional relations and education, health policy & public affairs (including market
access), health media, digital health, clinical development, as well as BioScience Communications, our fullservice
medical relations, education and publishing company.

Healthcare marketing is a growing field with digital and social media being one of the best ways to keep in
touch and provide important information to others. It provides people with instant contact and user
generated content. One of the best aspects about social media is the ability to view what others are saying
and doing instantly.

One of the great parts of digital and social media is the opportunity to comment on the blog posts and read
what other readers and the author have to say about it. This is useful to answering any questions and
sharing ideas among others.

B’IMPRESS also works with medical device start-ups to help turn scientific studies into marketable stories. It
helps company executives raise rounds of funding, build alliances and educate potential customers by
communicating the exciting story behind the clinical trial – and targeting the right media. As it is sometimes
suggesting to take a bigger story that cuts through the complexity and reaches broader audiences.

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See here a selection of current startup projects and services within eHealth and Care/MedTech:
  • Help-Doctor – telemedicine services for clinics and doctor’s offices
  • EVA (Enhanced Vision Affect technology) – sharping images in TV and streaming
Further projects and references: