Press Relations & Analyst Relations (PR/AR)
Our PR Offerings:

  • Media management
  • Media list
  • Press office
  • Editorial and feature opportunities
  • Pro-active story telling
  • Press microsite
  • International reporting system
  • Review of press releases
  • Distribution of press releases
  • Production of PR pictures
  • PR-briefing
  • Press roundtable discussions
  • Sundry Videos



2C4B – Customer Media & Coaching

Strategic Marketing Offerings in PR:

  • Key message definition
  • Press campaign strategy
  • Definition media/channels & approaches
  • Definition of type of articles
  • Creation of novel approaches
  • Update of website
  • Social media concept
  • Review of competitor activity and strategy

Competitor analysis types:

  • Analysis and Concept
  • Pre-strategic outlines
  • Web-analytics, incl. value or position in Social MediaCorporate Publishing (2C4B)
    >>> See our References At A Glance >>>References in Corporate Publishing
9. Convention on Biological Diversity

Public Affairs Consultancy
Social and political factors today influence nearly all important corporate decisions, regardless whether the
company is large or small. At B’IMPRESS we consultant and manage for companies, institutions, and
organizations the dialog between society and politics on both the local and the international stage. Starting
with systematic information procurement and analysis we open up specific action opportunities and give our
clients a voice in the major arenas of political decision-making.
Our public affairs network is present in Berlin closely networked with the European consultants in Brussels
and with local stakeholders at your German subsidiaries.

Our competence in Public Affairs (PA) is based on six mainstays:

Our PA core services include monitoring politics, planning and implementing political early warning systems,
strategic consulting, lobbying, coaching, crisis communication, media relations, and event management.
See our services for more.>>>Expertise

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Consultancy
Companies worldwide face growing scrutiny on issues that range from climate change to labour standards;
from their supply chains to reporting on their various activities and operations. Corporate policies and
practices are under growing review by governments, investors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs),
customers and their own employees.
Our corporate responsibility team understands these challenges and, more importantly, just how they are
playing out in India. Our qualified team provides personalized CSR services ranging from a primary needs
assessment to developing, executing and managing programmes.
Sustainability is an integral part of corporate reality. By making sustainability a core element of an overall
corporate strategy, our clients benefit while contributing to critical social and environmental issues affecting
society. We help our clients achieve this by aligning community and other stakeholder engagements with
the company’s business objective.
Programmes can be a combination of both specific community interventions as well as broader causebased
advocacy. Our contacts include a robust network of NGOs and other institutions that can serve as
appropriate and credible partners for programme design as well as execution.
See our industry focus on Cleantech and Healthcare as well as our references.
See more about our CSR & Sustainability Corporate Consultancy at >>>our sub-website about CSR.

Crisis Communication, Change Management & Reputation Management
Our range of services in HR:

  • Corporate Planning and Business Development
  • Management Coaching
  • One Page Organization
  • Employee re-motivation after renovation, merger, or reorganization
  • Supervision and Team Coaching
  • Conflict Management
  • Quality Management
  • Team and Organizational Development
  • Process optimization, and process organization
  • Corporate Health Management (OHM)
  • Training for management and leadership tasksSee our blog for more. >>>bimpress1 @ wordpress

Corporate Consulting
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>>> Corporate Consulting
Entrepreneur Coaching
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Agency Selection Services & Pitch Consultancy
Description will follow soon.
Internationalization & Expansion To New Markets
Description will follow soon.

Expertise in IT-Editing
Mobile OS and services, IC/semiconductor markets
Enterprise IT & plant floor systems as ERP/KIS, CRM, CMS/DMS, BI/BPM, MES/APM, storage
systems, SaaS, IaaS & Cloud Services
Security systems (for enterprises & consumers)
Network engineering businesses (FTTH/B, LTE & MIMO, NAS/SAN)
Monitoring and online listening tools (e.g., Google Services, Hootsuite, Klout, Nielsen Buzzmetrics,
Adobe SiteCatalyst/Omniture)