Business Mediation

Conflicts tie up valuable resources in companies, reduce productivity and can cause immense costs. In this respect, companies have a vested interest in getting tensions under control. More and more often, they are using the support of trained business coaches and business mediators.

The central success factor is the mature core competence in mediative involvement and bringing together initially opposing interests as a business solution resource.
B’IMPRESS does this either in strategic individual counselling for decision-makers (Business Mediation Advisory) or through target-oriented team optimisation for executives or process support in companies or institutions (Business Mediation).
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Congruence instead of competition

If markets are subjectively saturated or dominated by two market leaders, or if a competence or market resource is sought, congruence offers the possibility of finding agreements with competing rivals that at least benefit one’s own company or create advantages. Large corporations, for example, rarely talk directly to the other market participant about sensitive issues. There are mediators for that. In medium-sized companies, too, (limited, well-defined) partnerships offer opportunities for growth and to win new customers.
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